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About Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 Whittier in Whittier, California

Meet Berj Parseghian

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 Whittier in Whittier
5th Degree Black Belt

Welcome to Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Whittier! Are you looking for a great way to boost self-confidence, respect, discipline, assertiveness, and self-control in your child?

How about a place that teaches focus, determination, and goal-setting to our youth? 

Maybe you’re looking for something where YOU can get in shape, learn how to effectively defend yourself, and have fun at the same time.

Well, you’re in the right place at the right time! At Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Whittier, we offer world-class martial arts, kickboxing, MMA, and jiu-jitsu instruction for your whole family

Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Whittier is about building a community of caring, dedicated instructors, fellow practitioners, and families who motivate each other to set and reach goals and become their best selves! We are committed to helping you and your kids improve your body, mind, and spirit through the journey of martial arts and fitness.

At Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Whittier you will increase both your physical and mental toughness, boost your SELF-ESTEEM, and gain valuable LIFE SKILLS. We teach realistic self-defense with applications in real-life situations… with every epic kick, powerful punch or amazing throw.

Your child will learn how to be BULLY-PROOF, how to be more aware of other people and their surroundings, how to diffuse a confrontation before it escalates and, if necessary, to defend themselves with effective self-defense techniques.  

All this while gaining infinite insight into the motto of the creator of Kenpo 5.0, actor and accomplished martial artist, Master Jeff Speakman. We wear the motto on our uniforms, displaying the kanjis of “Wisdom, Strength, and Kindness.”

While gaining important life-skills, your child will see really cool, POSITIVE changes start to happen. They will apply themselves more in school and at home. Those average grades will start to become above average and then exceptional… and that makes parents really happy! You’ll see them become more and more of a leader and role model with every lesson they take.  

Training with us is also an excellent way for ADULTS to get fit and stay healthy on all levels of their being too. In fact, our Adult Kenpo and Cardio Kickboxing classes will give you…

  • A great workout, tight abs and a strong core
  • Lean arms and legs
  • A lot of focus and energy
  • Reduced stress and a calm, clear mind
  • Feelings of empowerment and confidence
  • Powerful self-defense skills

Some people think that martial arts training is probably too expensive… especially when you get so many good things from one central spot. But it’s actually a low-cost activity with PRICELESS benefits. We like to call it “affordable excellence.”

Check out the SUPER-LOW web special going on right now! These specials definitely won’t last long and classes fill up fast so reserve your spot today.  It’s 100% RISK-FREE so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Martial Arts + Fitness Fun = A Winning Combination. We teach classes that will challenge your body, engage your mind and delight your spirit while helping you progress to your full potential.

Are you NEW to martial arts and a bit nervous about starting or fitting in? No worries at all, my friend! Our students come in all shapes and sizes and are at different fitness levels so if you’re already fit and want to stay that way – great - or if you want to get in shape, you’ll be around other students who are at that level and have similar goals. 

Our awesome instructors will work with you at your level and pace. You’ll quickly see progress and everyone is here to encourage and motivate you with lots of high fives and fist bumps. The students and instructors are all super friendly, welcoming, and always helpful when a new face arrives.

There’s nothing mediocre about our classes because there’s nothing mediocre about you or your child. We want to see you use your unique strengths and SHINE like a star wherever you go. We’d love to help you discover your strengths and help you reach your goals. See you soon!

Head Instructor

Sensei Berj Parseghian is the head instructor at Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Whittier. He has been training in Kenpo 5.0, under Master Jeff Speakman, for the past 23 years. He currently holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt.

Sensei Berj also has his Master’s degree in Education, with a focus on curriculum and instruction.

Sensei Berj travels around the world standardizing Kenpo 5.0 with Master Speakman, his brother, and Master Speakman’s highest ranking student, Antranig Parseghian, and other senior instructors in the Kenpo 5.0 system. 

How to Get Started

Come join our Whittier, California Karate facility! We offer programs in Birthday Parties, Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Kickboxing, and Yoga. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (562) 463-0400 if you have any further questions. Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 Whittier hopes to speak with you soon!

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